Creation 2013-2014
Dedicated project for Moselle Arts Vivants

"To pick": designates the first gesture made by the glass blower when going to get a mass of glass in the oven with its cane. To pick: like collecting stories, stories…

The picker(s) is an industrial tale that takes root in the glass basin of the Vosges du Nord. Story of glass industry workers, place masters or blowers. Collection of archive photos. Meet locals on the corner of a café, on a sidewalk, glass museums dedicated to Emile Gallet, Lallique, St Louis, walks in the majestic forest, handball matches, visits to premises rehearsals for the young shoots of rock or lounging in the International Glass Art Center ... constitute the material, the source brought into play by KompleX KapharnaüM. These testimonies filmed, drawn, transcribed in writing, passed through the multimedia filter characteristic of the company, question the notions of "work", "know-how", "transmission" and beyond are interested in the concept of community: what brings us together today?

The story

Once upon a time ... A man, Yvan Dumatin, comes from nowhere in the region. He walks the streets of St Louis, Wingen, Meisenthal, knocks on doors, shows anyone who wants to listen to the drawings of his grandfather who worked in the area and who take daily scenes. Over the course of his meetings, Yvan, a tall deguan guy, gradually learned the great history of glass and weaved links between the stories. Yvan Dumatin was in the footsteps of his grandfather, he will meet the history of glass and finally, it is his own destiny which will arise with pain, but also an intact belief in the human community.

Creation process

The picker(s) mixes field investigations, interviews and fiction. Fiction, injected into everyday life, acts as a photographic revealer of the territory. After a first restitution of the project in 2013 in the form of intimate evenings, KompleX KapharnaüM organized a big party at the glass hall of Meisenthal in June 2014. For this, the team was enriched with local residents participants, crossed over filming in 2013 and collaborated with La Cie Carabosse to set the glass site on fire.collaborated with La Cie Carabosse to set the glass site on fire.