It’s a road movie.
But in skateboard.
A ride movie.
The story of a bunch of skaters crossing the city.
Who are also a bunch of teenagers who cross the world.
We follow them during 24 hours.
We follow them around the city.
We follow them through the screen. 
And in real life.

KompleX KapharnaüM wishes to reinvest the city with a large format mobile intervention, a spectacular show based on a language specific to street arts: invest the urban, transform it into a strong energy that embraces a large audience, make event by the very presence of this crowd in the streets of the city.

Street arts have specificities. Large format is a discipline in its own right. We want to continue to explore its codes and ressources, on the border of performance, spectacle, ritualized procession.
This “mobile intervention” is a fit of rage for the company, a necessity to create, now!
This new project will be set up, in six months, with the commitment of 25 artists and technicians of KompleX KapharnaüM, in collaboration with a team of skaters.